Tricky date situation... Thoughts?

I met this guy last summer and we really hit it off. Sort of as friends, but very flirty ones who clearly liked other people but were by no means friend zoning each other.
He went to college accross the country and was there from September until yesterday (technically two days ago, it's past midnight). While he was there he had asked me out on future dates for when I got there (I'll be attending and my family is moving there).
This morning he suggested maybe going out... Then when we were texting tonight he asked me out for real legit. But it's to Six Flags, and I don't have the money. I'm also too busy packing to drive a distance and meet him there. Especially because Six Flags isn't well run or kept up here. I'd be just as happy getting root beer floats and chilling, or doing something free.

So I asked my mom and she said just to wait until after church in the morning and text him saying I'm too busy. But I'm trying to think of a way that's not too put offish? Like I don't want him to think I'm saying completely NO. I've been hoping he would ask me out when he got home! He's great! I just can't go on THAT date. He also lives two hours away from me. But Six Flags is even farther.
What do guys think of this? Like if I responded like that what would you think? Would you try to make other plans or anything?

Also, I don't want to hear something like "Just be honest and tell him you don't have the money." That's not going to happen. I'd rather flirtily/kindly say I'm too busy.



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  • Well if it were me, if she said no I'd feel like she's rejecting me and giving me the hint that she's not interested.

    But try saying that you have something planned with your family that day or something.

    As long as you make it clear that you're interested in him, it won't matter why you don't wanna go. Hope I helped :)


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  • When you're telling him no, say something along the lines of,
    "I was really looking forward to seeing you, but unfortunately I've got plans with my family :( What other days are you free?"
    Make it clear that you intend on making future plans for a date so that he knows you aren't just putting off the 'I don't like you that way' conversation.

    Hope all goes well! x

  • I think you need to tell him that you're up for going on a date with him but maybe Six Flags wouldn't be your ideal date, just say you'd rather go to a movie or have a quiet night in with some drinks and snacks, that way you're letting him know you're interested and giving him an alternative and if he really wants to go on a date with you, any of these choices will appeal to him, nothing wrong with a girl who can make her own mind up! Hope this helps :)