Is university a whole new dynamic?

Is there a difference between girls @ university and high school?

Are girls more open to relationships?
More mature?
Genuine? Open-minded?
Not as superficial?

I am going to university this September and I am hoping to establish some new, meaningful relationships.

Is university a good place to do so?


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  • Yes, we are definitely more mature in university.


What Guys Said 1

  • Oh god, YES.

    I enrolled in Computer Science, and the difference is astronomical. People who manage to end up in university and not fall out after two semesters tend to be pretty damn smart. Of course, there aren't that many females there as females are often told that there is no way they would enjoy programming (because it's something that "nerds do" rather than make them see that that's basically step-by-step logical thinking (in the typical imperative programming type anyways)), but the difference was great, yes.

    I must admit though, there are less open-minded and more open-minded people everywhere. But the difference in intelligence, maturity, and the overall capability to assess their own reasoning behind the certain way they think something is truly different. Rather than just regurgitating nonsense that was shoved down their throat as kids, they tend to think for themselves - because they are capable. And I like that quite a bit, even when I disagree with them.