Do you think it's my business?

I kinda start talking with some guy.. We didn't went out together yet.. To be honest I'm only curious to know who is he because he knew a lot about me while 0 nothing from my side.. I want to think that he is honest about that he wants to get into serious relation but in the same time I feel suspicous about him, how did he reach me on Facebook and all the things he knew about me and the fact that we didn't met yet!!

Beside that he have plenty of girls one of them I knew long time before and all the girls are recently added.. So I kinda mention that to him when he asked me to add him on facebook, it went out wrong and I said to him that you give the wrong impression to people because all the recently added is girls.. I guess he's mad why I said that and he kinda stop talking to me since then.

So do you think its one of my business to ask him about it?

And how I could make him back in talking with me..

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  • Let it settle for a while. Tell him you'r sorry and didn't mean for it to come out like that. If he responds, then gradually get back on his god side, and it will blow over. If he never forgives, than at least you tried.