Would you have been hurt by this?

Lets say you are a guy who have been in a relationship with a girl for 6 years, and than you break up.
3 months later she is in a relationship with a new guy, and a year later she is pregnant with his child.

Would it take you long time to get over it?
Could you love again?
Will it take time to love?


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  • 6 years is a long time to not have gotten to that stage. It makes sense.

    • but she moved on why can't he

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    • Another issue also is that he doesn't live in my town, he might move here if he gets accepted for his masters, but ugh hate it, i liked him a lot and he was the one wanting to date me

    • Ya, that sucks.

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  • Not really, breaking up means it wasn't working. I would be happy she found the right person and was happy to start a family with them. I might be a bit jealous if I really wanted those things too.

  • I think I would bind a strick too hang myself up in a closet after I baste myself in petrol and set my cloth on fire...'-'
    Or something like that...:/


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  • It takes the heart a long time to heal in the first place. Add a pregnancy, that would be a big hit.

    • I know but why not care for the one who actually wants you, and who you know you have a great time with, why not just move on

    • It doesn't mean to say he doesn't love the one he's with, but 6 years is a long time to be with someone. There are going to be residual feelings for a period of time. Don't take it personally though.

  • Same kinda thing happened with me. My Ex and I broke up and 3 months ago and I found another guy. My ex thought that was too soon. I'm not planning to have kids though, but it seems like my Ex is jealous because he's not going out with anyone. Yet he told me he's not looking for anyone right now.

    • so he needs to heal?

    • Yeah

    • ugh.. hate this.. why date when you aren't ready and get someone else to fall for you

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