Casual, to possible serious? or let down gently?

So I've been taking with someone for about a month-lots of texts, emails& hour long phone calls. weve gotten to know each oter very well and recently have hungout a few times. The last time was a couple days ago, he met some friends for the first time at my house was a great night an we actually ended up having sex. We both started out talking about going slow, no relationship labels&he told me the other night that he really likes me&enjoys being with me.. I'm waiting to hear from him later-he sent a text saying he'd like to talk about the relationship stuff&im nervous. I'm afraid he doesn't want to continue the route it's been going.. is there any clues to if this is a bad or good talk I'm about to have? help


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  • It could go either way. Be prepared for both but hope for the best


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