Who here feels the same way as I?

I want someone to love, and i want to be the typical girlfriend, but i can't imagen myself being one.

Im 22 never been in a relationship, the last guy i dated i really tried and i did well but than he wasn't looking for anything serious atm so we dont speak anymore.

So im sitting here thinking is this relationship anything for me? i am independant and i am use to being alone and not worrying about pleasing someone else, so will i be good at it?
Its a lot of work this relationship thing, and i dont know if im good enough for it.. why would anyone fall for me and agree to try to be with me for a long time of period.. im so careless of others, and i have a big heart but it beats quite.

I dont know.. my friends all have one and they seem to be great at it but i can't imagen myself with a boyfriend..
and i try to talk to guys i try to make someone like me but i guess im doing it out of desperation?
so im sitting here now thinking why do i even bother trying, im so bad at this thing called love.


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  • You're not alone. I'm going on 26 and haven't been in a relationship. It just seems so natural to other people, like they practically fall into them, and I can't seem to find one. It's like a second job trying to find one. Seeing how I've never been in one at my 'advanced age' I wonder whether I'd be any good at one. Like you, I'm used to being alone and if I was in a relationship I wouldn't know what to do or how to handle her emotions because I've never had to deal with that stuff. I'd probably fall on my face the first couple times but since I've never been in a relationship, I feel like I don't have the luxury of screwing up because I don't know when my next opportunity for a relationship would be. It's depressing most days.

    • hehe, sometimes its also good to be "empty", when i listen to my friends complain about their bf and im like why do i eveeer want that? I guess im scared to let someone inn and letting them "screw" it all up, when im okay with being me, i dont like love, it screws u up but i mean it can be nice too.. im just use to being alone so like you mentioned i wouldn't know what to do with a boyfriend, i would just sleep with him and than leave him in a corner? the whole two becoming one is hard to think about because I've always been only me and i dont ever want to make two into one, if you understand^^ because im so independant.

    • I guess i basically wil take "love" and put it in a box and lock it and leave it under my bed for forever.

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  • Your still young... please do not make the same mistake i did and think that waiting on "good karma" or destiny is the key... its not... i was in a 4 month relationship 16 years ago... i thought i was automatically destined to find that special person and she never showed up... in fact... chances are that the one that was meant for me is probably already married and on her 4th kid right now... today is my 37th birthday and im just now realizing that you have to make your own destiny... dont wait... time is the killer...

  • I was 26 before my first relationship. I never found it difficult to get involved. I think the key is to just be honest to yourself and not be afraid of what might happen. Relationships of any kind are going to be difficult because it involves other people. You might have 100 relationships before you find a good one but then again it might only take 1.

    Take life and love as it comes. Concentrate on the things that make you happy like your career or hobbies, hopefully one day your path will run into someone elses and one of you will be smitten. When that happens then go for it and I bet things will feel very different for you.

    My advice is forget dating for now and stop trying to find someone. Be happy being single and independent, but at the same time don't turn down the offer of a date by someone that is interested. Enjoy it.


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