How to follow up this great date?

So I had a great date with this girl. We both kind of had unexpected outcomes where we were both surprised at the outcome. We met at a burger joint and the first awkward convo ensued and as we went it got nice and relaxed. Then I suggested we check out this great beer bar and she was down. She got to try all kinds of beer something she always wanted to do but never had the chance. Then she suggested we check out a karaoke bar. The place was a total dive she sang we played pool and had a great time. She got a little to drunk and asked to stay at my place. We got there and kissed a little bitbefore heading to bed. We cuddled and while that was going on she asked the why me question and I had no answer. How could you make it not cliche for that? Now I drove her back home the next morning and I want to know how to follow up because we definitely both were interested but played it safe.

Well guess it was too good to be true she texted back and was like hey I don't want to go out again I had fun and you're a cool guy but I don't think you're what I'm looking for :/ kind of surprised me with that


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  • Tell her you had a great time, and would like to see her again :)

    • I agree. Take her somewhere nice and find out her interests. This will give you a good idea of what yo do with her if the relationship continues

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