Hey if a girl flakes on me, but has a legitimate excuse... should I try again or she just wants to stay friends?

So there's this girl that's interested in me, and though I initially did not have an attraction for her, I eventually grew one when we came to see/talk with each other more. I've tried asking her out, the first time through text (a mistake) and she declined saying she was busy. So now I tried a second time, but this time in person, but the major mistake on my part was that I asked her on a day that I knew that she was busy (by busy, I mean she's given me her excuse). She flaked like 2 hours before and she'd promised to let me know when she was free.

I mean I still like her, but what the hell, honestly. She still shows interest and certainly isn't that shy; perhaps she just wants to be friends, but I don't know.

Should I try again or move on? by the way I'm trying to get a summer fling going on with her. Both she and I are going off to college soon.


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  • If she canceled then she should be the one to make an alternative plan. If she doesn't then she's not that interested.

    I've had to cancel before but if I likes the guy I would always say something like 'I'm so sorry I can't make it this Friday, how about Saturday?'.


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