Why do the girls I like reject me yet I always have a few girls try to come on to me and tell me they like me? Anyone else has that problem?

Im a sophore in college and I try to be nice to the girls i really like and I always get rejected. Well at the same time I have around 2 girls who for lack of a better term feel me up and are openly telling me we should have sex. Im not trying to be cocky but i ignore them and Im still a virgin and I just want to find a girl I can trust. My friends say they would kill for the chances I have yet they are in relationships. I would trade spots with them in a second. Inside I'm hurting but I dont show anyone that side of me and I stay confident.

I have gotten the your girlfriend is a lucky girl to have you line and I just put put my head down and walk away and say I'll keep that too myself.


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  • You should wait till you're in a relationship and feel like that's the best thing to do. You only lose your virginity once. Might as well make it worth it right? Who knows? You're at that age that you might even get to lose it to the person you're going to marry. That would be treasurable. There will always be women you can find to have sex with, but when you want a woman to have a relationship with, they never seem to be there. She'll come and she'll be damn glad that you turned down them to be with her.

    • Women have a different view on this then guys on this all of my college friends rip on me for it. I'm not gonna cave though I just can't have sex with a girl I dont like the whole idea sounds weird.

    • I know guys all think that you should lose it to the hottest one. They definitely have two different views. That's what makes it really hard for guys to keep a promise like this. Its kind of ridiculous in my point of view. That's good you're not going to cave. I give you immense respect.

    • I have this one girl who has actually told me she wants to go down on me and I told her thanks but no thanks and I laughed cause my friends ripped me for it. I was literally told by my friend who is engaged ironically "Your 20 years old morals should be the last thing on your mind smash her for me and tell me how it was". How do people like that get in relationships? Maybe I should become a horny duece bag it seems to work lol jk.

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  • The girls that you like dont like you but the ones you don't like do? Story of my (and everyone's) life

    • It sucks in class last semester I had this girl tell me her man is out of town and we can have the house to ourselves the she showed me pictures of her in a slutty outfit. I looked at the girl I liked and said I can't I like someone elsw. That was before she rejected me for being too nice.

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    • I doubt she rejected you for being too nice.

    • She said she wanted a more aggressive dominant guy.

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