What do you think about narcissists and first love obsession?

So I know two narcissists that say they fell in love with their first love. These two women cheated on them and left these guys for other men. Since than these men became cheaters but they still in some way think about their first love. I was wondering how come since they were narcissists. It dawned on me their thinking about them is more like an obsession for that feeling they felt in their first love. I know that people will remember their first love but still they move on and still try hard and stay faithful to their next partners. Narcissists it just seems like they are still obsessed with it all.

My point is being narcissists they would still have cheated on their first love.


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  • 1. First of all, I am confused because as far as I believe that narcissists, (example the old Greek folklore about Narcissus) only fall in love and obsess to themselves only. They won't fall for another because they believe that loving themselves is the best thing (well, their's are exaggeration). And example for Narcissus, he left his bride-to-be just to look at him forever at his face on the reflection of the water.
    2. I dont know but I never heard some narcissists you cheated on their first love. Those who cling into them may misinterpret him. I don't know.

    • The women cheated on them and left them. A normal person would accept it and be better for a next partner and they wouldn't cheat on them. Narcissists on the other hand and cheating goes hand in hand. Even if their first love would've never cheated the narcissist would've still done it.

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    • No. Cheaters are not narcissist. Cheaters are those who doesn't know how to be contented that's why they cheat. It's like when you can't pass the GTA mission and you keep dying, you are tired right and you need a cheat to move on. That's how it goes.

    • See that's where we hit the disagreement as I believe cheaters are narcissists. So anyways thanks for your response.