When I get a guy all the girls seem to want him when I'm with him - what tactics can I use?

So I've always found in relationships whenever I'm with a guy, not that I think I'm on myself, i find girls are always attracted to them. people say I am quite an attractive girl. My last relationship, I can only surmise, my bf was living with a friend who is a girl both in their late 30s and she was recently engaged to a pilot. I noticed activity that she used to send him texts like are you coming home etc she pretty much ignored me all the time and didn't ask if I would like to stay for dinner another time. Then he wanted to end it as he has this weird 9 mth expiry date for his relationships and he told me but at the time I was too naive and thought I could change him- wrong- and all of a sudden towards the end of our relationship he had to move out as the fiancé stopped flying due to an injury and didn't want him staying there anymore. I can only surmise what happened. Another time I was in a course and a guy was only showing attention to me and I wasn't exactly attracted but we had a but of a little flirt back and forth which this girl saw and then went for him.

Recently I met with a guy who is a singer and this was our first date as we live in different states and went to a food festival. We both had a few drinks but not realising he had some pres before he starts chatting to this mid 40s couple when we sat down to eat quickly before going on a amusement ride and I was kind of like okayyy. Then this little girl part of their group wants to go on the ride too so we took her along and we came back quickly as it was closed and then my date gives husband his promo card. And then the most amazing thing happened. I was so shocked that the husband looked me right in the face and said oh I have a daughter over there in that state as he knew I was from here you should check her out on YouTube to my date but looking at me all the while. I thought you cockhead. Do you think that my date will? He does seem collect people
When I'm w/-a guy the girls want?


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  • I will like to help you, but I don't exactly get your 2nd paragraph.