Do you think she's mad at me or was trying to get back at me?

She is married and for the longest time I was pretty sure she was into me but didn't know what she wanted from me. We used to talk almost everyday, but she'd go missing on me for short periods of time and I didn't like it. I went through periods were I would ignore her and I didn't treat her well. I would be short with her and act uninterested. I mean she is married after all. I ignored her for almost 2 months recently, and my buddy tells me she has been following him in and out of work walking and talking everyday like we used to. I used to skip lots of our group lunches because I didn't want to feel jealous. Now she skips like all of them. Except when I was out of town she went, and she told me about it. I was like "sooo you went to one?" I ask her why she never goes and she always has an excuse, she used to go to all of them. We had another company function recently she asked if I was going, then called in sick. She also will be friendly with me occasionally, but will act too busy to talk or act short, walk away while I'm talking. What is her deal? Why is she mad?


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  • Dude stop wondering she's married just move on and pay attention to someone else