Does he see me as a potential gf, not interested or just as a friend through this text message?

So I went out on a date with a guy who lives in a different state who came to mine to see his family and also me. We went to a food festival, we also went out for a few drinks (both of us had a fair few) a few hours later which he invited his bro and friends along to as he had no lift back home to his grandparents place so he stayed with his bro. Throughout the date we talked, he pushed hair back from across my face, we held hands for like 1 min, he warmed my hands up when I got cold and he hugged me at the start and very warmly at the end but no kiss. He invited me out to a breakfast if we woke up in time for a market that closed at 12pm but we didn't make it as I got home at 3 so he flew back but he said he had a fun night.

He texted me a day and a half later saying "hey thanks again for catching up with me. It was nice getting to know you better. I didn't go to bed til 4am! market plans were abandoned but it was a really fun night!"

Does this mean he still sees me as a potential gf or just not interested or as a friend? He told me at the start that He got burned in his last relationship by a girl who left him for one of his mates and that was only 5 months ago and they went out for over 2 years. I am going to fly over to see him in a month for work


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  • Sounds like gf potential to me. You don't act that intimate with just a friend, and he clearly wanted to continue spending time with you. The only catch is the long distance. That may put a damper on it.

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