Guy just likes you as a friend but spends more time with you than before?

Told a guy I liked him, his answer was that he sees me just as a friend, I said ok, but then he texts me and hangs out with me more than before I told him. And awkwardly calls me and asks me how I am and then explains that he just calls all of his friends once in a while to see how they are. Do you think he just feels bad that he doesn't feel the same and wants to make up for it, or he isn't telling me the whole truth?


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  • No
    he may be just trust u
    and respect u
    so take care of u

    but should ask again
    and say how do u feel

    and say him
    if ever he feel anything for u
    then say

    now u will not ask
    but use sweet and polite voice
    say lovingly and showing that u trust him too


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