What can she do about her insomnia?

My mom has always worked and she's a workaholic. She works as a cna and wakes up at 6 a. m. She gets home sometimes at 3p. m. but she says if she falls asleep she won't be able to sleep at night. After 3p. m. she goes to a ladies house at 5. p. m. and comes back home and leaves again at 8:00p. m. to put an alzheimerz lady to bed. She wakes up this early all 7 days a week. My sister and I have told her she needs to get weekends off but she's always worked. My dad left when I was younger. When she gets home by nine p. m. she wants to wind down. She wouldn't get sleepy and she would pop 2 Tylenols to make her go to sleep. We went to the doctor and they said her liver looks kind of fatty. Now my mom is concerned so she stopped taking the Tylenol. Now the problem is she can't go to sleep without it. So now she's taking showers at 12 at night so she can go to sleep.


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  • Tell he to go to the Doctor and ask for a prescription for Trazodone. It will help her sleep like a baby.

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