Would my timing would be right to ask her out?

I asked another question similar to this before wanting to know if she wanted to be more then friends if you can find it, it has some small details that may help.

I am trying to figure out if my timing may be right for asking her out. (maybe today?, this all happened last week)
Some things about her.

-She has given me a nickname " Steve Rodgers" as in after Captain America, and named me that in her contacts.

-She compared us to the two characters in the Winter Solider, Natasha and Steve, saying how we are like them. After i gave her a comic that featured both of them on the cover for her B-day.

She wanted to cosplay from " The Winter Solider" as Steve+Natasha for the comic-con that we went into the city last Sunday for. The scene that we cos-played from was the kissing one, look it up on google.

-She just told me on Sunday that i am the one friend that she needed right now, the one that has been there for her the most, and helped her back up on her feet, after some bad stuff happened.

*Note* similar to this situation, this happens in that movie ( TWS) that we both saw, hence why i got the nickname (i think), because the guy does the same thing, such as helping and protecting her. Kinda like what i have done.

So, i'm confused/indecisive as what i should do next.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Friend zoned


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  • i say yes! Go for it. This girl sounds like she's subtly trying to hint liking you

    • Hey, well i did, she admits for having feelings but does not want to be in a relationship right now, since she just got out if one not to long ago... . :/

      thank you though for the help

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  • Either you ask her out now or get tossed into the ever torturous friend-zone. Do it before she thinks your her