My boyfriend feels suffocated, what should I do now?

Hi, we've been dating for 5 months, we lived together for 2-3months with his friend as well, but he seemed to ruin our relationship a lot, so we started to fight from time to time. Moreover, I lost my job and we both were in economical crisis and he told me he feels suffocated and lost in himself.

So I moved apart, he moved back to his parents house aswell. But then I gave him time and we talked about our situation; he said he is young and lost in himself, he doesn't know who he is or what does he want, and that I'm not a problem. But anyway he doesn't pick up my calls (max 1 per day) or contact me at all when I know he doesn't work.

First week we met couple times and had sex twice and he said he loves me and he wouldn't cheat on me ever, he just needs time for himself (nevertheless I've seen him friending new females on Facebook), but this week he was free 4days in a row and I can't reach him even tho I just need to ask something very important... And he promises to call me next day if he picks up and talks to me, but never does that.

I'm really lost because I just realized how much I love him and I want to give him time, but I hate being ignored for so long.. Any advice? I'm 22 and he is 21


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