I think I a doing something really bad and it could be because I am jealous?

My boyfriend had no job and just lazed about, i knew what he was up to etc and it was all fine. When he went to uni it all changed, i thought he was cheating i thought he would be out all night not bothering to talk to me. Im not clingy atall.. i only see him once a week and thats my choice he rings me all the time and texts me every day,

The problem came when a year ago he kept putting his Facebook login details on his laptop and saved them so i could log on whenever, and his emails.
I gave in and looked once, and now i can't stop literally every day. Now he has quit uni he has a job where he gets his months work shifts ( works in a bar) they come on his emails, so i can check every day to find out when he will be at work etc.
i know what he is doing mostly and im fine. However i can't stand the thought of not looking anymore and then not knowing what he is doing its kind of worrying. But i know its so bad.
Im not clingy or insecure, i think i must be jealous incase he is out having fun or something.
Th annoying thing is that he was like that when he met me and i was the total opposite, its like he gave me his details because he wants me to look and become clingy.

How can i stop, i know the password and its so easy to get on it? But its so bad...


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  • you just gotta stop looking and start being Awesome. - Barney Stinson


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