What do I do about this girl? can't date right now?

-Met girl on dating site, we hit it off GREAT
-Due to her depression and other emotional problems, she acted extremely irrational and caused a lot of conflict between us
-She is now getting professional help for it, but "wants to stay single for awhile"
- i HAVE seen proof and heard stories of her actually acting irrational at home/elsewhere by the way

What do i do? ask her if i should wait on her?

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Also she said to me "I dont want to develop feelings for anyone right now" but keep in mind she DID in the past, before her "issues" started acting up.

Can anyone explain this? if she likes me, why can't we date AND she gets help? should i ask?


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  • If you think she's worth it, I would befriend her and show her that you're worth it! If you really want to have the chance to date her, you would need to sacrifice seeing other girls and potentially meeting someone you're also compatible with. At the same time, by sacrificing that, you can show her you're serious about her and you want to gain her trust/love. Friendship is the base to a strong relationship. Don't push her into doing something she's not ready for, but don't be too distant. Find a happy medium until she's comfortable with taking the next step :)


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  • I think that you should wait a little while until she figures out what she wants, but you should figure out how long that "while" will be. If you really like her and think she's with the wait, then be there for her and help her through the tough time she's having then later it might develop into more (hopefully)

  • I've been depressed for a while, everything was messed up in my mind, I couldn't focus on anything, even my studies or anything else, I was fighting back, cause trouble everywhere and the one that try to get close to me should be cursed (it's what I was thinking) everyone seemed for me devil itself, no matter how good are they, I was too scared and too furious against everyone, when I started to see a psychologist and a psychiatrist in same time, I preferred to be alone, even the people that I used to like them or dating them, after my depression was done, I just took so many steps back, cause somehow I was feeling I'm running in the same circle, I can give you an advice try to be her friend that when she needs someone to talk to you'll be there for her, she'll remember that, and she'll always get back to you, if you well-behave, she'll always come to you... good luck

  • She "wants to stay single for awhile" so stop pressuring her... she doesn't want to date you or anyone right now !!!

  • Be there for her. Don't ditch her and it sounds like she needs someone who can be steady with her emotionally.

  • She probably changed the subject because she feels awkward as she doesn't know what she wants at the moment. If she enjoys your company than you will have a chance when she is ready

    • she definitely does enjoy my company, always texts me and calls me to talk. but she's a bit iffy on hanging out again for the second time (not sure why, she had a blast the first time, basic body language shows me that lol)

  • Depression is a serious condition, and because it is mental and effects emotions, being in a relationship is the LAST thing she needs right now. if you guys were to have a fight, it could trigger serious things for her and thats dangerous. she is right. its best for her to be single right now. Its not that she isn't interested, its that she isn't mentally stable enough to handle the things that a relationship requires and includes. So I suggest that you don't pursue her. If you like her, you'll respect her wishes :)

    • how long is "right now"? she can't be single forever..

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    • Im still a bit confused. If i had real emotional problems that affected my social life and everything, but someone came into my life that i liked, i'd date her and even have her help me out with my problems.

    • You have to reember that depression is just an emotional problem, its an illness. Relationships are never lovey-dovey 24/7 and the emotional roller coaster rides in relationships would give her extra stress that she doesn't need. she just needs time to focus on herself and her well being right now, thats all! despite the fact that you'd be there to support her, if she's going to recover, she needs to be alone for a bit, no distractions :)

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