How to ignore and move on after girl only wants to be friends?

This girl I've been dating for two months, tells me she's talking to other guy and likes us both but she's not ready for a relationship. She wants to stay friends and whatever happens happens, she wants me to not distance my self and treat her the same, she likes me a lot. But I don't want to be part of her confusion specially with another guy, I'm worth much more. I really like her but I know is best to move on. Question

1should I just stop contacting her? What to do if she contacts me?
2 treat her like I treat all my friends?
3 should I still like her instagrams/facebook post?
4 I just want her to see that I have a high level of confidence and not willing to put up with that. how should I behave with out being rude?


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  • 1) I would cease all communication. I've been in this situation before and its not very nice to keep you at the end of the string AND talk to another guy if she says she's not ready for a "relationship". If she contacts you , ignore her! there's plenty of fish in the sea and one of them is bound to be the girl you deserve!

    2) from my understanding its not her wanting to be friends, its her wanting to keep you around in case things dont work out with the other guy she is talking to. She wants something to come back to if things dont work out.

    3) dont keep liking posts from her.. its not being mean, but you are simply letting her go and moving on! You dont want to keep her thinking you are interested and still tied to that string of hers if you keep liking her posts.

    4) Being rude? Never! Use that confidence of yours and you tell her how you feel about it! If you dont like it, tell her! And if she doesn't like what you have to say, you will know it wasn't meant to be.

    Hope it helps in a way.


    • So it's ok to go out meet new girls and have fun having her I the back burner? I mean I don't want to ruin any possible chance that I might of had, I really like her but I know being in that spot is not healthy for me. And I love my self too much to put my self in that spot

    • Its just an opinion. At the end of the day. The decision is up to you. And I can understand that you like her and dont want to ruin any chances. But you aren't making her the back burner.. she made YOU the back burner when she told you when she wants to just be friends and wants to talk to the other guy! And like you said, it really isn't healthy to be in that situation.


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  • 1) Stop contacting her. Ignore her.
    2) No. Be polite if you see her but other than that - nothing.
    3) No.
    4) Ignore her. Respond if she messages you. But be cold and firm. Simple.

    It will show her.

    Keep me up to date :)

    Good luck!

    • What's the reasoning about ignoring her post in Instagram? I've always had that doubt those things like that really matter? And also u think if she really cares that she might miss me or notice what she lost?

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    • "my heart will beat and I know I'll get exited"

      Which is why I said no looking her up online either.
      She is a huge flirt like me. Just ignore her. She will realise you are ignoring her and hunt for you. Trust me!

    • Oh and if you want, MEET NEW GIRLS!!

      You might find someone way better ;)

  • Wow she sounds kinda selfish so did you offer her to be exclusive?

    • I wasn't blunt about it but I did make it a point that I didn't want to be just friends. She comes from a bad relationship and says she's a mess and not sure of why she wants. So she rather not date anyone, she said she told the other guy the same and that he said he will wait for her. But he'll I don't want to be that guy lol

    • Well then if she said that I'd distance myself from her for a bit.

  • I wish u weren't annoymous so I could message u personally but I would say
    Do u know her in real life?
    Are u close


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