Does social media and Facebook define your relationship?

If you're in a relationship do you use social media to define your relationship?

Does not having any photos of you and your bf/gf mean you don't care about them and you aren't close? What about deleting photos of your SO? Not having your relationship status visible?

What are your thoughts on Social Media and how your relationship is. I see people happy in love on it, sharing it to the world. I see people faking it who aren't in love and need to prove otherwise and do that on social media like one of my friends posted "oh love my baby , we have our fights our flaws but we're in love". And then there are the couples who don't post anything about each other. What's up with that?


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  • No. It doesn't dear. It's the wrong thing to do because you don't have the privacy and it is such a shame if one day your relationship ends up and then before you are just so proud of him. It's not really the typical thing to do.


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  • I've cut loose from Facebook, and social media is only for sites like GAG, imho.


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