Would you date someone that is no where near you?

Would you date someone no wear near you? If so what would you do to ask her out over the internet? HELP!!!


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  • Nope. He has to be near me.


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  • I like being near the person I like/love. It's too hard to start a relationship based off of not even being able to physically be around each other because the more time that passes on not being able to actually meet, the more likely I am to lose interest in the situation. With that said, I have met people who have had successful relationships over the internet... I suppose it all depends on how well you can deal with it. I just like being around the person I care about...

  • no. girls will often feel insecure when their loved ones aren't with them. They will tend to be a little more paranoid about what you have done and your behaviours.


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