Can you help me win a bet with my girlfriend?

I want to take her ice skating at an arena, but she's paranoid of being cold and always refuses. She bet me that she will still be cold no matter what and said she will wear whatever I say skating to prove it.

Looking for what you think she should wear. Help me win the bet!! What is the absolute warmest combination of clothes?


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  • Turtleneck with a fleece and then a winter jacket over. Gloves, long underwear (thermal underwear) with jeans on top and ski pants if you really need to go so far. Ski socks and a hat and a scarf


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  • Long johns, then jeans, ski socks, flannel shirt, snow jacket, gloves. Don't forget the foot and glove warmers. She'll be baking.

    • Thanks for your reply!!! I feel though, that we can do even better... :)

    • Ice skating rinks are heated she'll be an oven

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