Why won't he just tell me he likes me?

okay so I've been seeing this guy for almost a month. we work together, and I hate to say it but he is technically my boss, his family owns the company. he is 28 and I am 19. we hang out all the time, and all of co workers are even asking me why we haven't made it official yet. it's obvious he likes me. I am growing even more curious why he won't tell me now that he asked me out on a date. I really don't get why he just won't come out and TELL ME. I know he likes me I can just tell but it really would make me feel better to hear it ?


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  • Did it occur to you that in most companies a boss dating a employee is frowned upon. It probably doesn't want to make it official because you could loose your job if the owners caught wind of it. Even if they like you it is technically the law in some places


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