Is this a sign that he is interested?

This might seem funny, but this guy dyed his hair the same color as me (blonde). I know... Before you say, "There are lots of blondes in this world, so who cares?", let me say in my culture (Chinese), being blonde is NOT common. I dyed mine blonde because of my stylist's accident. I kept it for awhile because I could pull it off with my light skin. This guy I only met about 2 weeks ago in church. The first week we texted back and forth as he wanted to help me with the job and I wanted to help him with his fitness. He also asked me questions to get to know me like what I like to do and stuff. We have hung out in GROUPS a few times these two weeks watching World Cup or listening to church sermons (nothing where we could talk one on one, so getting to know each other so far has been mostly via texting). Then yesterday when I saw him, he has blonde hair! I asked him about it and he said "Why not? You did it." I saw him again today and this time he said, "Well, I haven't dyed my hair in awhile and I wanted to do something different, and I guess you can say seeing you blonde kinda inspired me." I don't know if this means anything or not. My mom (being conservative, HATES my hair color) actually looks at this really positively. She thinks it's the guy's way of showing me that he accepts me for being a blonde Chinese, by being one himself? I have doubts about this because it would be an unusual way of showing interest in someone, not to mention we've only gone out in groups so far (although we texted for a week trying to get to know each other). Do you think by turning into a blonde Chinese like me, he is showing interest? And if it's a sign, is this creepy? It seems to be but everything else about him is NOT creepy (very sociable, got lots of friends, respect boundaries, etc.).


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  • Maybe it's his way of getting your attention :D Observe him first. Maybe we are wrong for thoughts and we don't want you to expect.

    • Great... thanks for the input. Any guys want to comment?