Girlfriend doesn't want to go on dates with me?

Whenever I pick a date for us to do she says either yes or no, obviously, but whenever she says yes she always bails last minute. She tells me she can't anymore. Then if I ask her and if she says yes, as in really planning to go, then she says she'll rather be with friends than a date cause our friends are planning something that week/day. dating 1 year and we're both 16 if it matters. is she uncomfortable with me, is she not a fan of dates or what can I do so she could go on a date with me I offered many things and it never happens.


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  • I guess she is not so into you, you don't see her at all? I think you should end it for the best. Doesn't seem to go anywhere, and you're wasting your time on her. Specially if she doesn't give you a legit reason why.


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