We broke up 5 years ago.. but her attitude hints... does she want me back?

Me and my ex gf broke up 5 years ago.. she lives in a different state than me so we never stayed in touch until recently we when i came up for my yearly vacation we meet up almost daily, been texting daily & talk face to face when we meet up for long periods of time about the most honest subjects... but she's got a boyfriend for a couple months now. Whats going on here?
I still love her..


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  • You must respect her relationship and the guy she is with. If she wanted to be with you, she'll leave him for you. The fact that you live in a different state, makes it harder for you to date. What happened, happened. She's with another person, you should do the same too. Time to move on.

  • Ask her if she still loves you. There's no harm in asking at least you know the truth.


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