Are we staying friends or is it just a slow being friends for a while process?

So The guy that I like we've been hanging out for 6 months now and I just visited him in his hometown with his parents. We had an awesome time, but we're still not coming close to talking about making it official. We both know we can't be in a relationship right at the moment but I'm sill hoping it'll happen eventually. He does tell me I'd be his girl if we were both ready, but then other times he doesn't show any signs at all so it gets me a bit flustered. SO I'M VERY CONFUSED with all these mixed signals.


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  • Awe yeah may be he don't wanna lose you as you both are already close to each other but then we start liking and then comes a relationship but sometimes it becomes complicated an then comes to an End.
    so Friendship is the best way to be connected forever. I am not saying that you should stop liking but be close to him may be one day he himself tell's you " I Love you" :)


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