How would you react after being asked if you want a date, to find out it wasn't a date in which you actually thought? (PRANK VIDEO)?

These YouTubers pranked New Yorkers, going around asking both men and women if they want a date, but this date in actuality is a chocolate called "Date" to see people reaction. Not all didn't project homophobic reaction though. Its quite funny.


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  • I watched the whole video. I can't believe it but this guy is lucky he didn't get killed. A lot of guys don't like homosexuals.

    • Lol yeah. New Yorkers are crazy

  • I've seen this video before but DAMN, that cop is sexy. That cop can arrest me anytime, lmao. I need to street walking around union square part to see if I see him xD

    I am actually subscribed to these YouTubers. I love NYC and glad i live there. The people lol are all lively as crazy as hell. Reactions were hilarious


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