I had a kiss with a guy on a night out that I sort of knew. I can't stop thinking about him but I think it was a one night thing?

It all started by him taking my jacket and we just got talking and decided to go on a walk. We were talking for hours and he tried it on a few times but didn't push and respected me, I didn't know why I couldn't just get off with him I normally can with anyone. We were together for about 3 and a half hours and it was at the end we got off and he got my number, soon as he got home he texted me and I replied saying I was glad he got home safe. I didn't get a reply till almost a week later, and this was a drunken text what I made out to say sorry I haven't been in touch been really busy. What does that mean? Why send a text a week later why not just leave it after all we were only together one night. I normally get off with people it's what you do and not think anything else but I can't stop thinking about him, I feel such a stalker I am always looking at his Facebook.. it's weird I have always of known him but never thought anything in a sexual way towards him.. I mean watch him most Saturdays playing football because my sisters boyfriend is on the team. . Thank god football season is over hahah. I don't know what to do.. does he like me? Or was I just a one night thing? He's confused me so much


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  • For him to reply a week later that means that he still wants to talk


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