Long term online daters. Are you seeing this? What are your thoughts?

So I loaded up my online dating profile and looked around a bit.

I notice I am seeing the same people years later still on there and still active. The rest of the profiles are even pickier than before from what someone was telling me. I am seeing the same "dealbreakers" and some double standards. Like I am seeing a girl's profile say she won't date a guy working in retail but her profession says sales. I am also seeing girls' profiles outright stating they won't date a guy without a "dope car" and stuff even.

Do you feel that people base their values of another person in all the wrong places online?

It seems that girls feel that it's all about physical appearance.

On the other side it seems that girls base a guy's success on possessions. Not to say they are 100% materialistic but the way they seem to "evaluate" a guy seems to have nothing to do with how he acts.

Do you also notice the same profiles in your area as well?


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  • well as you age so do your standards! Apparently, women nowadays want men for all the wrong reasons and so do men, meanwhile you have one girl or guy looking for a good person they could spend the rest of their lives with and they are not even on a dating site. I tried eharmony and I did purposely so no one can see my picture but apparently due to my comments I intrigued certain guys but all they did was press for pictures and so I quit it. It is really all about looks - personality is the last thing we look for obviously some of these girls and guys are downright ridiculous for stating she won't date someone in retail meanwhile she's in sales but that can be at some point understood somehow...

    • Ironically when I was a super skinny guy I dated more and now that I have worked out enough I go on less dates. It's really weird.

    • Lol apparently women don't like buff guys meanwhile they all say I want a man who can protect me and is built

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  • I was on and then off for two years in a relationship and back on. I've noticed there are a lot of the same people on.

    Most of the people seem to be looking for serious ltrs on match, though, it seems. At least the guys I've met. Which one do you use?

    • I tried match for a year. Landed one date. Did all their "message 5 a month" and got a six month extension, but noticed all the same profiles on it were already on Okcupid and POF.

      Craigslist was the worst for me. I had liars galore on there and married women wanting to "hang out" with me.

      Right now I started logging into okc and POF again. My older brother is in a relationship with someone off of OKC and I was at a wedding for a best friend who met someone off of it too.

    • Match seems to skew closer to 30, I'd say. I've not had a great time this go round so I dumped it too. Dating is so annoying.

    • I honestly get the most responses from women on casual encounters. But that's not exactly dating.

  • I hate men who use the word double standards

    • But... that's two words. Not one.

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    • There are double standards that both sexes are subject to.

    • What men call double standards are really just gender roles.

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  • People's standards rise depending on what they can get and how many people come at them. My understand of online dating is that all girls get shotgun mac'd 100s of times.