Should I make s move or not I really like this shy guy?

So i like this shy guy but not sure he is interested. He plays online games with my son. He always ask my work schedule. Says things like anything you want to talk about. Are you getting a break. Whats going on? Tonight will suck since you won't see me. Hope your not avoiding me i will be upset. Also said never asked a girl out they always asked him. can't tell if he is trying to make conversation or if he us intetested. I am recently divorced and he has asked how long does those things take. Confused dont know what to think. A few days ago ge asked if there was anything i want to talk about? I got nervous and said no but later text him and said i wonder if you would consider going out with me but told him he doesn't have to answer. I am regretting doing that. Any one know what i should do. I really like him?


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  • yes. not a bad idea. you dont have to ask him out but at least make the first move at showing him that you are really interested in his ass then let him do the rest. if he's interested in you will see results in no time

    • Whats a good way to show interest?

    • first of all thanks for MHO.

      anyways i say try to initiate a convo with him. keep doing this until he gets a little more comfortable with you. from there on you will most likely see if he's interested like an open book

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