Is he texting me to be nice or does he still want to talk?

So this guy and I have been talking for a few months. We are very busy with working different shifts but make time to see each other. The past two weeks we haven't text much but we've been busy with family health problems and deaths. We always text everyday things like "how's your day going" and " how's work" and "how are you today."
If you didn't want to talk to someone or didn't want to hurt their feelings, would you still text them and ask these things?


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  • No, I'm doing it right now. If I don't have feelings I won't text you.

    Like guys don't text other guys that much because they don't have feelings for them. It's be weird if I constantly asked my friends how there day was. I only text when I have to. The only reason I text all day if I like someone


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