Question about my latest relationship about communication. Pls help?

Dear All,

I am 25 and he is 34 years old. We just started our relationship recently it is about 3 days. He is having his own company. He says he is so busy.

My problem is we are not communicating well. He calls my cell. But he is always in a rush.

He just say," I came home honey and call you later" sometimes he never calls or if he calls he tells "Ok sleep well, I have urgent projects to complete' he says, everyday he is going to bed around 1am after completing his work.

Sometimes I feel he is married or something.

Here are my questions.

1. Why is he behaving like this. Is he really busy?
2. Should I continue this relationship
3. What should I do.

Pls help. We are having a date today and he told that he will bring me a present. Should I accept that?

But I feel empty in this relationship.

Pls help.


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  • communicate your feelings then decide if a relationship is possible, takes some giving on both ends good luck


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