Why can't dating for guys be straight to the point without too many labels?

All I hear online countless times is about PUA lines (they even have a forum about that on another site), the overly discussed nice guy vs jerk, how to be an alpha, beta, have to do mind games to get a gf, ect..

I think there is too much labels that we now have to worry about fitting in or not fitting in to the point that it's gotten too complicated. How about getting rid of all this and just being you without needing to worry about these labels npor guidelines.


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  • Dating IS straight to the point.

    Look, those overly complicated routines like PUA and lables like Alpha, are for those guys who have problems. The problem is with them, not with the dating world.

    Everyone else gets dates just fine without resorting to these systems.

    For guys who absolutely REFUSE to deal with the real world as it is, and insist that girls are evil, more complicated, or too scary or whatever, then they need a crutch. And these systems are that crutch.

    Since many of these systems charge money for you to buy the book or lecture series, they naturally stand to make more money if they over complicate things and make the sucker think he's getting his money's worth.

    Guys who are terrified of girls, and worse, refuse to acknowledge that that is the actual problem, can spend ages working on fear-reducing techniques which are mislabled and never mention that the subject is afraid. But they are taught to belittle women, to "reclaim" their power, and all other sorts of shit. Which can all basically boil down to - threaten her and you won't be afraid of her anymore.

    Dating is easy. But for lazy guys, scared guys, and guys who just refuse to fix their issues, dating will be as complicated as they are willing to pay in cash for.


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  • Honestly, in real life it is pretty straight forward. Whenever I'm approached by a guy he's polite and friendly while he talks to me and then he just asks me out.

    The people who overthink it and do the PUA stuff are usually the ones who rarely approach women (if at all).


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  • Because if the you you are isn't working out, you gotta make changes.

  • Because some guys don't have attractive personalities and have to resort to stuff like that.

    • Very sad if those guys have to lie your way through to get a gf. Lies eventually get discovered and more than likely they would be back to zero again.