Guys what do you think about this situation, im a being taken advantage of and taken for granted?

OK, i have been with my BF for 4 years, i have his first and only child. He does not live with me, but does help a lot with the rent. I hate the situation because i always stood on my own two feet and was very proud of it. But since i was his employee and he fired me because i got jealous over his female friend which till this day i believe he was sleeping with, but they both denied it. But anyway now , the only time he does stay here is Saturdays, except when he stays later when he is horny, but the only day that he does stay over is Saturdays, except when he has something else to do, if something else comes up, he takes it and blows the Saturday off. He just recently did it, and then this past weekend was in Florida with his parents, ok so they needed him to go to drive for them i can respect that, but in a couple of weeks he is again going down the shore for the weekend with his parents to a wedding. he says he didn't invite me because i have to stay with the baby, which is always his excuse, now this has been going on for a while he never invites me anywhere because he says i have to stay with the baby, and his mother claims she knows its not right, but instead of saying to him u know what u r always out u jus came from florida , its only fair if u dont go to the wedding because she can never go anywhere bcs she is staying with the baby, but instead she encourages him to go, because of course its her family, i have lost job opportunities because i dont have a sitter, n if i tell him to contact his family member which has a daycare he doesnt, he comes n goes as he pleases and then gets pissed when i get mad, i feel like they r taking advantage of the woman i am which is the type that loves to be home cooking and cleaning and taking care of her home man n family, and he knows i am not going anywhere, and he is a libra , dont know if that makes a difference, i am so tired of this, but i dont know if i am completely right, what do u guys think.

His mom says she really cares about me , but is always saying how is single, and i am too.


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  • Yeah, ne is taking advantage of your good nature, just switch it up tell him he has to babysit because your goingnout.


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  • leave him, keep in contact with the mom to see if she actually cares. if she is doing the same thing as the guy than dump the family.


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  • Where is your family to help you out? Friends? You need a way to get out of the house too, or you'll drive yourself crazy! I didn't quite understand the update. His mom says he's single? Says you're single? He doesn't sound like much of a boyfriend or a father. He's pretty much treating you like side action. What is he doing the other 6 days of the week? I have to wonder if he tells his folks the same things he tells you. For all you know, his Mom asked why you weren't coming to the wedding and he could have completely lied and said you didn't want to go, or something like that. His behavior is NOT OK. However, he'll continue going like this as long as you continue to allow him. I think I'd be cutting my losses and looking for a real man that actually wants to be a part of my life.

    • thank you, for your time and answer,,, yes his mom says she cares about me, but she is always saying that we are both single, and she says the same about the wedding and anything else, i have to stay with the baby, who is going to stay with the baby? thats what they want me for , they treat me like a mule that only carried his child and their grandkid

    • That's some major bullshit hun. Where's your love? Where's your support? You deserve so much more. I hope you find it.

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