GUYS: what is this guy thinking?

Sooo, this guy has told me he liked me and i like him too. now we've been texting for a while but he's like really oversexed and keeps bringing up kissing and 'other things' (subtly). He also send a picture of his upper body whilst showering.

Now he told me he loves me as well, not just random but actually: Baby, I love you. It came as quite a shock as we haven't even hung out together yet.

When we do see each other at school, he'll touch my leg with his, my arm with his or hold my hand in class rooms under the table, but won't be as active in the 'i love you; baby; honey; cutie' talk as whilst texting.

My friends keep telling me he's just playing me and I should leave it and I honestly don't know what to do.

Any advice, from a guys point of view?

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he also told a bunch of his friends we might become something?


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  • Does this guy have a reputation or track record of playing other girls? If so, I'm sure word has gotten around about him and so I'd probably suggest you don't get your hopes up and/or set yourself up to get hurt.

    But if not, I wouldn't necessarily assume he's looking to play you. It kinda sounds like he's just doing & saying stuff he's seen/heard other guys do, and just trying way too hard. Like he might be trying to cover up his own insecurity or awkwardness in not knowing how to communicate his feelings to you. So anyway, if you don't already know this guy has a shady reputation with girls, I'd say give him a chance but be clear up front with him about wanting to take things at a pace you are comfortable with... cuz sometimes guys feel like they're expected to make moves on girls really fast, so just help him know what your expectations are so he can act accordingly. Good luck.

    • he just told me he isn't in love with me yet, but does fancy me? i don't know what he wants now. but thank you, your comment is very helpful :)

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  • wow it sounds like he's either really new to all of this or he's just weird:p he's taking it really far when you two haven't even met in person yet. give him some space lol he really needs space to think and realize how much of a tool he's making himself out to be:D

    • hmm, yeah certainly is not new to this. he told all his friends we might become something though. so that's the thing that's making me doubt :(

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    • I'd say no, but keep an eye on the guy. No point approaching him without solid evidence, that just makes things awkward if he's just a little confused. As I said, watch for behaviour which doesn't make sense to you.

    • thank you so much, i'll just think about it a bit more

  • Keep an eye out. He could be the type of guy that hypes you up, uses you, then leaves. Try to be on top of yourself and see through bullshit.

    Telling someone that they love them through texts are lame...

  • All you can conclude is that he's really turned on by you. That's a really really good thing. If a guy's not that into you, it creates tons of problems.

  • Seems dodgy to me, wait it out and keep an eye on the guy. Don't be afraid to post further questions if you can't deduce his actions.

  • he's just messing around and is lying when he says he loves you, he really just wants to get something out of you sexually since you've barely hung out and he keeps touching you up.

  • dis is a playa.

  • He is oversexed. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't have real feelings for you. I ont think there's a problem


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  • Judging from what you're telling us about him, he sounds like a cocky jerk. He seems to feel entiteled to be with you. To me, an entitled attitude is always a reason to ditch a guy. But that's just my opinion.

    I voted A.

  • Sounds like a guy I used to like. We dated for two days (it was a spur of the moment relationship), he broke up with me because we didn't know each other that well, but he would keep flirting with me, tell me he loved me, sent me pictures, pretty much same thing your guy is doing. Nothing good ever came of mine but heart break. I wouldn't bother with this guy, move on and find someone who is willing to actually be with you in the open (not hand holding under a table and things like that). Sounds like this guy mainly just wants to mess with you and get what he wants.