Fairy tale romance, shattered because of me. Can I make it right?

Long story short, I met a sweetheart in Germany last year while working in Europe. We had kept contact throughout the past year, and she is very busy because she is a musician. This summer, I am once again in Europe and in the first week I went to Vienna to meet her and see her perform. We planned to meet on the Sunday but she was impossible to reach and we never ended up meeting then. Then, I was upset and nursing my wounded pride, I suppose, because I felt stood up. Since I hadn't heard anything from her, I took the next train out in the morning, when she was supposed to play. I sent a text saying "goodbye"... but later I regretted it and asked if we could patch things up. I found out later that she really was playing that the day I left, and I had just potentially ruined my chances of ever seeing her again. I called her, left her a few messages trying to make it right, but there has been nothing from her side. I feel pretty crushed and think it's my own fault, as I have a history of sabotaging relationships. Should I wait it out or just move on? She is a very special girl.

She apologized last week via fb after 3 weeks. I'm willing to give her one more chance and have forgiven her. I'm having a hard time believing things will work out though due to the weak, late reply, however. Maybe she'll surprise me.


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  • I think you've done quite a bit to try to show her (texting, calling etc.) that you regretted missing out on meeting up with her. I think it's important to let things breathe and wait for her to get back to you so she doesn't feel too overwhelmed by your attempts to contact her. She should have definitely read and received your messages so give her time to respond.

    A few red flags to me on her end: she hasn't made any effort to contact you despite her schedule. Bottom line when it comes to modern communication, people (regardless of how busy they are) always have time to send a quick text/email, make a quick call to get in touch with you if they want to. Her distance seems to indicate something going on on her end (not necessarily because of something you did).

    You made yourself available for her, but she hasn't for you since the day she called you. Even though she extended the invitation, she didn't follow through. So wait for her to respond, but do take note of the fact that she has not been consistent with following through with you when you have with her. If you do get a hold of her, it's going to be important to discuss the terms of your relationship to see if you both are on the same page.


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  • All you can do Now, at this point in time, being you have 'high tailed And trained it' back home kind of Hastily, is Go on FB and start messaging her and try to chat. Work on gaining her Back for at least civil talk and communication to start. If this pans out, go Back on Skype and go on from there. Keeping the lines of open convo is always the most important in any short or long distance love relationship. It's your Best 'Quick fix.'
    And if this ends up to Pan out even Better than you thought, you can always Plan to meet up sometime down the line, whether it's in Any part of the country. Determination and Distance have no boundaries...
    However, if it ends up to be a 'train wreck' where she is Still Not responding, then chalk it up as one of your lessons that Needs to be really learned in order to stop------Have a history of sabotaging relationships.
    Good luck. xx

  • Have you any chance to see her performance again? I do not think she will respond your messages. If you feel confident enough, go and talk to her. You might fix it that way.

  • Move on. I think it's pretty much over between you guys


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