Girls, what are the chances she'll bail on me on saturday?

So, after she called me back, and we set up a meeting place in downtown this saturday, I texted her the address, and she texted me back, "cool :) 2pm you said? :)". What are the chances she'll suddenly bail on me without telling me? I trust that she'll show up on saturday, since she did text me back to confirm the time. Girls, what do you think?

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  • No, she'll bail on me at the last minute
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  • She'll cancel the date with me in advance
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She rescheduled our meeting at downtown this week to Friday at 3pm instead of saturday. She texted me about it. It looks like she'll definitely show up!


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  • I'm pretty sure she'll be there. Like the below answer said, if she has to reschedule I'd hope she'd let you know prior. Any reason why you think she might bail?

    • Just wondering, that's all. You never know. But it doesn't seem like she'll bail on me. She rescheduled it with me to this Friday at 3pm instead of saturday.

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    • Yes, I agree! But that's what makes dating and relationships so much fun! Thanks and I will!

    • You were right! She did reschedule with me adter she texted me yesterday that she couldn't make it on saturday, so now, we're meeting on Friday at 3pm instead! Thanks!

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  • It doesn't seem like she would have a reason to bail.
    If something happens and she can't go then she would probably tell you.

    • You're probably right. Learning to trust her for what she says is something I'll have to learn. Besides, I don't see any reason why she wouldn't show up. Thanks!

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