Long distance relationship advice?

I'm currently in a long distance relationship and would like advice to keep things interesting. Any thoughts would be amazing.


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  • talk to him regularly. long video chat with him. also when normal talk doesn't help. try hugging a pillow and then tell your partner that you are thinking of him. talk to him about your future plans wit him. it will create excitement and will improve your productivity toward either study or work or the reason why you had to go to a distant from him.

    ask him or try to make a trip to meet each other, or create a midpoint where both of you could meet having shortest distance from where you both are.

    send him some small gift either shop it online and give his address giving a surprise to him. he will do something for you too if he is really into you.

    ask him to stay online on video chat when he is home even if both of you dont have anything to talk, will at least feel close and not very far away.

    you or he should pay visit or relationship won't last long.
    hope something helps.


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  • On a side note, your very pretty :D
    Do you anime? or pc game?(:

  • Skype dates, and use that to watch movies together.


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