We both like each other, but I am not sure what I want now?

I was on vacation two weeks ago attending my sisters graduation. I met this guy who was a brother to a guy my sister had a thing with. We hit it off really well!! The brothers were asking my sister and I questions about different situations to see how each of us would react to it to see how different we are. The one I met named Adam is the same age as me, and as I was answering these questions he would say "you're amazing" So I am now back to my place of living, and the feelings for each other have just grown stronger. We were on the phone last night and talking about past relationships and how when a relationship ends on his side he wants nothing to do with that person afterwards. I have such a strong bond with him and now knowing this makes me not want to anything more as friends because I don't want to lose our friendship if a relationship did not work. We have so much in common on a basic level and deeper level as well. I am planning to move back to my home town sometime in the next year so I do have time to figure things out. But again, I am not sure what to do at this point.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • well if you're that worried that it could end badly due to what he said then give it some more time and let your feelings and thoughts work themselves out.


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