How can a girl make herself look attractive as a potential long-term girlfriend?

What are the most important things a girl can do to improve her appearance? In the last couple days, I've learned that hairstyle πŸ’‡ is way more important than I thought it was.

What else is important and can you give details on how it could be done well?

I'm asking because I have a crush on a guy πŸ’–


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  • Just make sure you look well taken care of. No need for lots of make-up, but just your hair nicely done, a nice cute dress or skirt on (or long trousers if that's more you). And depending on what you like and the temparature, pantyhose of not.

    Another very important thing is the spontaneous, friendly smile. A girl who's just trying to sedure with a short dress, stockings and an naughty smile may end up in bed but with little chance of a long term relationship.
    A girl who's serious, open and kind to guys will first learn to know the guy and build the foundation.
    If the foundation is solid, the rest will follow!

    • Thank you :) this is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for! You've been very helpful πŸ˜ƒ

    • That makes me happy! And you're most welcome :-)

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  • The first thing that needs to happen is that the guy has to notice you in a positive way. I'm going to assume that's already happened, and that he is aware of your interest in him as well, even if he doesn't know how deep it goes. If he isn't aware if you/doesn't notice you, then nothing else matters.

    From there, the other things that are important:

    - he has to find you attractive. This generally isn't a very high hurdle, but if you aren't able to cross it, then it's all over. Some guys have some very specific tastes, though, and if you don't match them, then no matter how attractive you are, he won't respond to you. Most guys aren't that picky.

    - you are pleasant to be around. Guys want a girl who is fun, happy, decently self-secure, and positive. They don't want depressed, insecure girls or girls who are gossip/drama queens or who are clingy/stalkers or psychotic.

    - you are compatible. You can't know this about each other without lots of talking about important life issues, but in order for a relationship to last, compatibility has to be high. No matter how strong your feelings are for each other, if you aren't compatible, those incompatibilities will eventually drive you apart. You need to have compatible views on things like: what type of relationship you want right now, and in the future, sex, family, religion, finances, lifestyles, etc. If you're determined to live downtown in a big city and he wants to live on a farm, or if you're strongly Jewish and he's strongly Catholic, or if you want rough, hard sex 10 times a week and he wants slow, gentle sex twice a week, it isn't going to work out.

    Yes, this gets complicated and involved, which is one reason so many guys, especially your age, just want casual hookups - it's much simpler and makes it easy to be more shallow with your selection criteria. But many DO want a real, long-term relationship, and this is what they are looking for, or should be.

    • He has already shown interest in me, so no worries there 😊
      Thank you heaps for the tips on being pleasant and making sure we're compatible!

  • It's got almost nothing to do with appearance, and a lot to do with attitude and values.
    Look presentable enough that it looks like you take some pride in your appearance. No need to over-do it, just don't look shabby and neglected.
    This is what you really need

    • Thanks πŸ˜ƒ
      I always look presentable anyway.
      I'll check out that book - I'm a bookworm anyway πŸ“š

    • I've started reading this. It's surprisingly good! Thanks heaps :)

    • It was tough choosing between you and Hans for most helpful... But I chose Hans because he has one less Xper than you. But thank you, that book is great!

  • Attractiveness doesn't affect your long-term prospects as far as I'm aware. After the initial attraction, the biggest factor in maintaining a long-term relationship is how compatible your personalities are.

    • While compatible personalities matter a lot, studies also show that men have higher physical standards for a long term relationship vs. a hook up. (for women, its reversed).

    • Yes, well I want him to be initially attracted to me. Of course I know that personalities are the big deal, but I'm not asking about it on GAG

    • True, Kheserthorpe

  • By dressing appropriately and being nice pretty much :)

  • so you want him to notice you right now. all those hopes relationship things don't help if he doesn't notice your interest. you can be as attractive as you want but you will only get somewhere with personality and some flirt / smalltalk

    • Okay so I need to be brave enough to chat with him and show him my personality :)
      Excuse my naΓ―vetΓ©, but how do I flirt with a guy in a way that makes it clear I'm interested in something long-term rather than a fling? I've never intentionally flirted before in any way, so I'm inexperienced with flirting...

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    • Oh I'll download it then :)
      I am shy by nature, I have been becoming less shy around girls/women but I'm still very guy-shy.

    • I'm shy too but somehow I need to get through it. that shyness is just put up by your brain and is able to get through by avoiding negative thinking built up by your mind

  • Madam i truly beleive that ur interests likes and dislikes with a guy should match... choose a right guy 4 urself not by your appearence but by ur inner you


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  • being a good listener is big. they love that.

    • That goes for guys as well.

    • True, it's important for both the girl and the guy to listen to each other. I don't think there will be any problems there as we are both introverts and good listeners.

  • I don't know but I'll tell u in a bit message me