What is really wrong with me.. Nothing is working?

I do really had this things like many times and I really start to believe that its my fault..

I do consider a good looking girl succesful independent funny outgoing and love my life.. little bit shy and very good to people.

I always having this situation were a guy approch me online and he start talking to me day and night and then suddenly disappear even though that I don't really do anything wrong but maybe my problem that I don't show feelings unless I'm very sure about it and when I started to show some feeling they also run out..

I started really to think like im kinda of freak !!

You might think that I over showing my feelings or really boring but I'm not.. Its been like 5 times 2 of them were my best friends they really used to be so caring and everyone point out like there's something between you.. But I don't show anything until they at least say something I won't be discovering that they have feelings for me based on how they act.. And when the do say something and I agree to try this thing suddenly they chang like regret doing it or say anything about it and move out of my life. So I end up losing the people I start to care about and my besties..

Last thing that happened to me that this online guy send me on Facebook that he want to get to know and I said why not try ot this time, I acted really normal funny but I didn't show any feeling because he was weird I haven't go out with him he didn't show me his pic only two or three black and white doesn't show a face you can tell that he is the one if you met on the street or something. He was like mysterious and I said keep it slow till you know him he might be shy when you are going to meet him you can tell if he is good or bad.. But again it end up suddenly he stop talking and sending anything and when I ask him what happened he said I'm only tired and busy with work.. I wait for 2 days but didn't receive anything I sent that you seems don't want to talk he said again I'm only tired..

So I said he sure doesn't want to talk or he found someone else.. So I cut it off and said to him goodluck and bye he didn't say anything at all..

It's really bad feeling to be rejected by lots of people.. Even though that you are kind and caring


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  • One of the most important things to remember in my opinion is to understand that there will always be people who like you and those who don't. There is always a point in life where you have to realize that you won’t always be good enough for people. However that is "their" problem not yours. It is completely normal not to show your feelings before the other person as a woman. There is nothing wrong with that or you, and no you aren't a freak there are countless of people like you out there. It is normal, it happens to everyone people come and they go, this is why you subconsciously keep your feelings inside and wait until the other person reveals theirs. This is how we protect ourselves from disappointment, you’re smarter for not letting your feelings show before time. If they talk to you day and night and suddenly leave, it can be for countless reasons, either they were looking for someone to give it up easy sexually, they were simply flirting around, or maybe in some cases women can do something to push a man away. Like talk about another guy, portray themselves to be very social and around men all the time. These things can make a guy second guess their approaches. If it is not working it is simply because you just haven't met the right person yet, have patience. It's when we are patient that things work out for us the most. Also be careful on the internet too, that guy with the black and white picture sounds kind of catfishy, don't get emotionally involved with anyone who does not at least get on web cam with you if you’re online dating. Yes rejection sucks, but always keep in mind that whatever one person did not like someone else will love. So don't let anything get to you stay true to yourself and don't change who you are. There is always someone out there looking for those exact qualities that others have turned down.

    • You right.. Thank you :)

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  • I feel the same way all the time. People just drop out of my life left and right for no reason. Even when I try to get a girl's phone number, I manage to screw it up somehow. Doesn't make any sense to me it just happens. I try to be funny and likable but in the end, it's a wasted effort.

  • Some things are just not meant too be, its not because your a freak. dont worry you will find someone, best to do it in person though


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