How long should I wait to ask her out?

I just recently started a gym membership. The girl who signed me up and I got to talking and we happen to attend the same college. Right before I left the gym, she caught up with me and gave me a piece of paper with her name on it which I did not expect. I called her later and decided it was best not to leave a message because that might sound desperate. Called her again the next day and still no answer so I sent her a text and told her who I was. Then I asked her to coffee and she said she didn't drink coffee in summer so I said how bout ice cream? I'm just wondering if I asked this too early? I heard from one person that the girl likes to be asked out early and it makes her feel good about herself.


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  • Wondering what the idea of her handing her name and number was all about unless it was if you had any questions about the Membership? Or was it something to do with college? You didn't say...
    Leave it alone for awhile. I do not think I care for her 'coffee time' answer, and how did the 'Ice cream' question go? Must be Cold because you are here asking for advice.
    If she is really Into you, any girl, it's never too soon or too late to ask her out. This one may not be interested, so don't ask her Anything until you see at the gym if she even Stops putting You on her------Pay no Mind list of members.
    Good luck. xx

    • Well I found out we go to the same school and she said we can talk at school now and it was real casual. I lifted weights a little and then was ready to leave. As I walked towards the door, I waved at her and smiled and she asked if i was leaving. She motioned me over and handed me her number and said, "You should hit me up sometime." So this was a non-business kinda deal. As for the ice cream and coffee thing, she just said she couldn't because she was out of town currently and then we talked more via text.

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    • So going on that you think she might be into me?

    • If you both are texting, sounds like something May be cooking in the future to get together... xx

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  • No you should be asking her out right off the bat…that's what she'd be expecting after giving you her number, anyway.


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  • Ask early. If she likes you, she will like it and probably like you more. If she doesn't like you, what have you lost? Calling other people desperate is just a fad that makes the person saying it sound cooler. Fuck all that. If you like someone, let them know and vice versa. I don't give two fucks if someone thinks Im "desperate" when Im nothing close. What are they gonna do? Take my birthday away? A real desperate person is the one who plays all these 7th grade games and is so afraid of someone turning them down and thinking they are "desperate".