Sometimes guys are not as easy as they are set out to be. Is my friend angry or insulted?

So here is the thing. Most of the time when chicks post friends with benefits type crap on this site, you usually notice that in reality they want a serious relationship but in order to stay with the guy they accept his terms which is just friends with benefits.

I've had this guy whose been a really good friend for years. I never thought of him romantically cause of the age difference (15 years older) and he's always had some kind of girlfriend all the time. Most of his gf's have dumped him cause eventually they want to marry and he doesnt. He constantly makes remarks of how stupid it is to get married and shit. At first i didn't want to date him cause I do want to get married and being with him would be a waste of time.

However, lately 0the dating scene isn't that awesome to be honest. I have feelings for him and in a way I trust him. So I was honest and told him that Im his ideal woman.

He laughed and asked why and I said, "Im not in the least interested in marrying you or having your kids but I do love you which is true." I do eventually want to marry and have kids just not with him, but i do love him and find him attractive.

Somehow he was insulted... but now im confused doesn't he not want to marry? Im perfectly fine with that cause all I want is a fun loving relationship for a while without marriage or kids and when I do find the guy I want to marry I'll end it.

I wanted to be completely honest with him... and the truth is strange but Im not sure he is convinced.

Am I a nutcase?

Also I've been waiting for years and years for him to ask me out or take initiative but I knew he never wuld eventhough he would get jealous every time I would date someone else.


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  • Well if he's insulted that's dumb because he obviously said he doesn't want to marry, or maybe he's hiding how he really feels deep inside maybe he does want to marry and have kids but just doesn't show it cause his past or childhood memory. He probably also thinks your the one or someone he deeply cares about so it hurts him too I don't know talk about it with him.


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  • Maybe he has feeling for you and the only reason he ever said he didn't want to marry is because he wanted you. So when you told him that it hurt his feelings. Maybe you should ask him if you said something wrong. Just try and get him to tell you what's up.

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