Why would a woman ever be attracted to me?

I'm not good with women, I am very introverted. I don't know how to approach them or talk to them. So, usually I never interact with women in real life. I just can't see how any woman would find me attractive because I have never had a positive interaction with one. However, this woman who is cute in my college class claimed she liked me. Of course, I didn't believe her and thought she was playing a cruel trick on me and I bailed. I'm not attractive at all. Why would she or any other woman like me? I just see a woman being attracted to me. It just sounds so foreign to me.


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  • Some girls like guys who are introverted. Personally, i find them more approachable and more attractive than guys who are outgoing, they seem more down to earth too. But it honestly doesn't matter what you look like, there are 7 billion people on earth and there will ALWAYS be someone who is attracted to you and someone who isn't. You have to have more faith in yourself! Everybody has something attractive about them, so when a girl says that they're attracted to you, don't bail on her! Girls are all different and would be attracted to you for different reasons. It could be your height, your style, how you carry yourself, etc. I guarantee that many more girls than you know of have been attracted to you. Even if it seems foreign, i promise you its not! :D


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  • Let me help you out... I am in college too and I understand competition for the girls may be very high, but no girl even worthy of being talked to would even consider a guy who lacks confidence, especially in himself. Many people suffer from low self esteem and just by you posting on this site about how you don't see how a girl would like you shows me that you have a low self concept. You need a confidence booster. Get around people who make you feel good. Forget about dating and trying to find a girlfriend. Focus on becoming the best you so that when Miss Right does come, you would have so much to offer. If you do this surely girls would consider you. Once you have a good personality and a nice spirit, it has the tendency to make you look so much more pleasant on the outside. :) I hope this makes you feel better! Don't doubt yourself, because there is a girl that would love to be with a guy like you!

    • I just go to school and go to class. I am starting to focus on college only, I can't ever see myself having a woman ever.

  • What do you look like?

    • Black, skinny, wear glass, and have been told I look like IceJJFish.

    • I have no idea who that is.

    • That's for the best..

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