Tall dark haired guy. To the girls who work out or run, size 8 to 14. Would you date me or not? reasons please?

I'm a decent sort of mid forties tall guy who is romantic at heart and nervous of dating slim women around size 8 to 14 who run or work out. The question is I have updated my profile picture that shows me working out, I would appreciate feedback from the above type of woman I am looking for to date and would ask " Would You Date Me? " Feedback would be great to let me know what I am doing right or wrong. I know it is just a question to the above type of women and it doesn't seem fair to the majority, but I have dated a BBW but it wasn't for me, and the relationship ended. Thanks for looking at my question and I look forward to comments.

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  • if you just asked "I'm a tall dark haired guy, ladies, would you date me?" you more than likely would've had a 100% "yes" answer, but because you like specified on size and working out, you instantly turned off women even if you didn't mean to do it. It makes you sound conceded and shallow which of course doesn't make a girl want to date you, but im sure you're not that way! :) also, gearing a question to women of a certain size doesn't give you the most accurate answer because what a girl is attracted to isn't often effected by how much they weigh :)

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I just seem to ask things the wrong way and end up turning women off, and like you correctly pointed out I didn't mean to do it. I am in no way shallow but the wording made i sound that way. I very much appreciate your advice and will learn from it in the not too distant future.

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  • Why only size 8-14?

  • Out of my age range but you look great for your age

    • Thanks, That is a really nice thing to say. I have taken that as a lovely compliment. x

  • If I was older only If

  • Lol I think you were bound to get that result really. I don't think asking the question was a good idea.


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