Does my crush still like me back after 3 months?

A few months back my crush and i had this thing going on... locking eyes in the middle of class, laughing at each others jokes in class, talking about stupid stuff just beacause, him complimenting me, he even winked at me during a test when no one was looking and sometimes making 'accidental' contact. Basically i knew that he knew i liked him and he liked me back. Sadly we had exams so we were off school for a month and now we are in completely different classes but two... and obviously we sit very close. But the problem is that we are both ignoring each other. For example, one day he moves seat to sit even closer to me but doesn't say anything or even look at me. Or he walks past me in the hall and pretends he is on his phone. Or he comes to my door at school even though he is at another one. I can't say im much better but now i dont know what to do. Its been three months since our 'thing' happened and now i dont kno if he still likes me. Like is he trying to be physically close to me but pretend he doesn't like me because i ignored him for a while or is he over me? He is quite good looking, sporty, popular and smart (and has many known female fans but doesn't pay as much attention to them as he did to me) and im very smart but totally his type.


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  • Well the same thing i have faced as when I was in 8th class i had a friend in girl i had a crush on her and we both were too close with each other but after my vacation when we both came back i was not much comfortable to talk with her but i have noticed that, the girl was same as she was before so in such case because of no contact from 3 months i think he hesitate to talk with you!!! well then the girl came to me and asked about my behavior then we had a talk. HAHA funniest think is now after completing school life she said me that if you have proposed me then I would have said yes to you :D.
    so if he goes on doing such thing just notice him make an eye contact and make him remember about the past but obvious he knows everything but he is some what shy to talk to you as he think if he did then you will talk him about the behavior he did in past ( 3 months back).
    things like staring you and all so now you do the same thing and let him know that he was not wrong. so that he will try to talk with you for sure :)


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