Long distance relationship potential?

I recently was in Europe back in April and met a guy online who I was meant to meet up with but I had to leave Germany before we were able to meet. We've been texting daily (despite the 9 hour time difference) and constantly throughout the day. He's coming to my city to study for a semester, and we've made plans to meet to see where things go.

We've had some extremely deep and open conversations with each other, send each other videos, the whole nine yards. We've spoken about what we're both looking for romantically and it's slightly confusing. I'm moving back to Europe in the fall so we'll only have a few weeks before I leave to see each other, so I'm not expecting or necessarily looking for a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) or anything like that at this point.

He's on the same page, we talked about it today and he said he also thinks he wants to see if there's a spark when we meet and take things from there.

We both (in the first week or so of talking expressed that we wanted to enjoy our freedom and didn't know what we were looking for romantically) but things are changing a bit because we've really gotten to know each other well. He'll be back in Europe in the winter and we'll only be 3 hours from each other.

Do you think there's potential for a relationship down the line?


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  • I think it might work, as long as you guys keep in contact with Facebook and texting.


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