I called this girl for the first time, left a message but forgot to leave my number. I realize she should have caller id, I will wait til tomorrow?

I got the number from a girl a see where i work at times. I called her after afew days and left a message about a date next tuesday, but forgot to leave my number thinking it would just show in id. I think i shouldn't of left a message but I did.
I will wait til tomorrow to see if she calls, then i will call at the same time. Or should i text now or tomorrow? Or just forget her if she doesn't call?


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  • Yes wait until tomorrow, or text her your # and simply tell her you forgot. It'll give you an edge of "innocence" that a lot of girls find attractive!

    • Thanks. She texted me back at midnight to say she was in class and she has class the day I asked her out for, can we go out another time. I texted back around 9am that I have to check my schedule and I will call her later. I called at 630pm and no answer, I left no message, she texted back 15 minutes later asking what's up, at the same time I sent a text saying I called and to call me around 7ish. She calls at 730 and I answer only to get hung up on, so I immediately call back and she answers, she says she accidentally butt dialed me, but I still ask her out for another day and said she will have to check her calander. She did say she was at her moms and it was noisy with her sister, and from the background, it was noisy.
      Anyways, she texted me back at 11:30 pm saying sorry for the awkwardness and that she is just awkward. Later the next day she texted me around 830pm saying she can go, then I text saying I need your address? 11:30 she texted Sorry, was writing a 15 pg paper.

    • Anyways, I finally get her address today and we are going out Monday. Still not sure what her interest level is in me, because I was only able to talk to her twice, when I got her # and when I called her back after the butt dial hangup. When I got her number I was think about 65-70 %, but not sure now. Does anybody know what to make of this? LOL.

    • It sounds like she's either afraid to tell you her real feelings or she just wants to be friends but isn't sure how to tel you... I'm not entirely sure. I'm leaning toward she likes you :)

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